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VR6 Turbo S30 build

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Hey all. I've lurked for a while and have had a few other Z's. My last was an LT1/T56 setup. This time I am going a little weird for the swap.


I bought the shell with no motor and in quasi rough shape, but was relatively rust free so I jumped on it. I initially started going with an LS, and had it installed when I thought what would make ME happy.


 I am a big VW guy and had a Corrado SLC before this project. I have a lot of fond memories in my Corrado so I decided to mix the best of both worlds in the S30. It will be getting a 12V AAA VR6 motor with gt35 turbo. For the transmission I am using a B5 Audi S4 01E 6 speed converted to rwd. BBS RS 16" wheels are at each corner from a Porsche 968 with wider lips in the rear. Behind the front wheels are Toyota brake caliper upgrades. The rear fenders are being widened with Ztrix fiberglass subtle setup. The interior is getting Sparco R100 seats and a Corrado dashboard with Speedhut gauges with gps speedo. 


This is all a work in progress, but I will be posting to my instagram account as I make any progress. I wanted to introduce myself and share what I am very glad to be building













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Howdy R-3,

I started to put an R32 vr in my zed about 5 years ago. Have a big old hx50 holset on the side, I think it will be pretty wicked when finished. Just lost my workshop so haven't been able to progress in a while. The engine sits behind the crossmember. I trimmed the x-member a little, basically removing the rear part of the flange. The r32 version has  the cam adjuster on the rear of the engine. Without these you could move the engine back another 75mm and do no trimming of the x-member at all. Nothing better then the howl of a vr6!




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