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cold start sync loss


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Well this isn't about my Z , this is about my truck running ms2/3.57. Its a Z2.4 motor that I converted to MS. Everything was pretty good until the frigid temps came along . Anything under 30F and I don't get sync to start. It does light up green as I let off the starter(Which is a newly rebuilt unit) .  I have a new battery , new ignition switch also. I am running the same CAS as on my car which is the Cherry Hall gear tooth sensor, running off my flywheel. I have 12v running to it.  I have adjusted the pots to 2.5v as I have done before.

I've done my best to keep sensor wires away from noise , but I read on the forums that the flash of green letting off the starter could mean noise from the starter.  I tried to do a datalog  of the tooth logger and forgot to save the file. I'll try it again tomorrow. I did put the battery on the charger overnight. 

Just trying to get some ideas on how to figure this out. I have a stim board but didn't think I could duplicate the issue on it.  




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