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Seeking opinion on struts

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Hello, I'm looking for a coilover option for a street/track build. My current setup is a KYB strut with Eibach progressive springs, stock sway bars F/R, poly bushings, and F/R strut tower triangulation bars... it leaves something to be desired in the turns, it feels as if the car needs time to settle on turn entry. I'm working with a early 260z and have a spare 280z suspension setup to use as a core.


I've been considering `8610-1437race` struts as they show up in threads as a tried and tested solution, for spring rates it looks like the minimum spring rate is around 250lbs in, based on these threads


it seems like people are running upper 100's -> 300's so 225-250 seems like its a good spot, but I'm unsure if the struts will dampen effectively with such a low spring rate. From what I understand I would start having to look at more chassis strengthening the higher i go into spring rates because of chassis flex/wear. Does this sound about right? Anyone have any recommendations with the struts we have available in 2022?

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