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  1. look solid, those 3d printers can be quite useful.
  2. I think i have a shit setup for the track tho, its essentially just poly bushings with KYB struts... perhaps my expectations were too high ha.. I blame being a poor college kid when i started my build. 😂
  3. any updates to this? i just tracked my Z after a long time, i was actually really impressed with the handling from my buddies CRX, and was kinda disappointing to get back into the Z.
  4. Still have the Toyota brake stuff? Can i get a pic, or a list of the stuff included?
  5. I like the garage paint booth ha. does that oil pan have a baffle built into it?
  6. I took all my gearbox to Marks Transmission in Fremont (mission blvd), my buddy had him rebuild/convert a Porsche gearbox (g50?) to accept a chevy 350 for a little 914 project he had going on. He was talking about having special tooling for Datsun gearboxes, something about long sockets, not to sure it was a while back.
  7. Hey pickup a copy of "how to modify your Nissan/Datsun OHC engine" https://www.ebay.com/itm/How-to-Modify-Your-Nissan-and-Datsun-OHC-Engine-ExLib-by-Frank-Honsowetz/142883149470?epid=102900406&hash=item21447fd69e%3Ag%3AGJMAAOSwbaxbWUHc&_sacat=0&_nkw=how+to+modify+your+nissan&LH_ItemCondition=4&_from=R40&rt=nc there's loads of information about some modifications that you can do, and will give you insight on how to approach stuff. :)
  8. interesting that you went this route opposed to people that remove the whole roof then tack weld the panel back into its spot. Please do take picture I'm sure there are people interested to look at the approach.
  9. One on sale in SFBAY https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/pts/d/datsun-g-nose/6215344454.html
  10. Does it make that sound when engaging power to the rear wheel? Might be the diff mount, esp if its never been looked at.
  11. Oh man I just realized that I might have the wrong energy suspension bushing set. I ordered it for a "260z" from the manufacturer, but I believe its an early chassis, VIN is around 19xxx, 01/74 manf date. Now I wonder if the bushings will fit. :\
  12. Howdy, Im looking for a set of Tokico's for a 260z, I require all 4 of them. PM or leave a comment below Ciao
  13. Nothing for SU carbs? :0 it looks so good!
  14. 74' should have a return line already on the body. Upper one is for a charcoal canister, the lower one near the feed should be the return.
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