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1977 280z Carbs back to EFI


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Hello all,

The owner before me converted from efi to dual carbs.  I plan on adding back the efi with this intake/fuel rail from protunerz: https://protunerz.com/collections/frontpage/products/l-series-intake-manifold-fuel-rail-75mm-throttle-body

Along with a high pressure fuel pump, what else do I need to convert back to efi?  Did he have to take out the whole ecu?

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Download an FSM and open the Engine Fuel chapter.  You'll need all of the parts shown there if you want to go back to stock EFI.  You need a lot more parts than what's in that ad.  AFM, injectors, sensors, ECU, etc.  Or aftermarket engine management.  Make a list of what you have now.  It's a complex project.


Be careful with those aftermarket parts.  Many of them have never been tested on a running engine before they're put on the market.  They look neat but might not perform.

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