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engine swap for a 280zx


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Do a lil research to determine whether you have an r180 or r200 diff now. There is info based on what options your car has that will help u figure out which diff urs came with. or look up pictures of the 2 different ones and look at urs. The r200 will be fine as is for atleast 300hp and an automatic trans. A stick shift puts more abuse obviously. You will only do 1 wheel burnouts. There are options for a limited slip center section that u can have installed, all are pretty good. You might want to have cv-joint half shafts that came in the turbo models. U mostlikly have universal joint halfshafts ( again, do a lil research to determine). If you switch to cv-joints, you will need companion flanges for them to bolt to. i have an extra set i would sell for like $150. The companion flange is the other half of the stub axle. The stub axle is the main weak point but again, depends on the HP and auto vs stick shift. I have a 1983 280zx with 400whp LS, Stick shift that i drag race and beat on constantly. it still has the r200 with Quaife Limited slip, W/ 300zxt CV-joints and custom heat treated stubaxles. 

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