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What gets deleted when upgrading to modern fuel rail?


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As the title says, the 1978 280z I bought has the block in, with an upgraded, protunerz fuel rail.  The previous owner deleted the cold start valve and some type of air sensor?  I have most of the engine components and engine bay harness back into the car.  I am going to buy a new FPR, and convert the engine bay to 6AN lines.  But now my question: What get's deleted when you put a modern fuel rail in, but keep the stock ECU?  Is that air sensor he removed ok to stay off?  What else stays/goes?

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Nothing gets deleted.  It's just a different shape, usually machined for more modern injectors.  But it works exactly the same as the old one.  It's just a tube that gasoline flows through.


There's no CSV supply branch on the new rail so that would be why it's gone now.  The "air sensor" is probably the auxiliary air regulator.  It allows air past the throttle blade to give a high idle when the engine is cold.  Without it you'll have to work the throttle until the engine warms up.  No reason to remove it for a new fuel rail.  It's actually a convenient device.  It has hoses connected to it though it probably looks like "emissions crap", removed for a clean look and more primitive engine operation.

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