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74 260z No running lights


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Hello everyone!


I have a 74 260z been chasing down some electrical issues.

Car starts and runs. Headlights and brights work in the 2 position only. Brake lights work.

All gauges work. 

No tach (tested voltages I assume bad tach)

No dash / interior lights. No side markers, turn signals, or running lights in positions 1 or 2.


I removed the combination switch and tested it per the FSM all routes have continuity. 

Fuse Box all fuses replaced, contacts cleaned and checked the wiring into each terminal. 

Stumped on what else to start looking at.


Randomly, one day all the running lights were working. (still no dash lights) but then it mysteriously stopped working again. 


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Also check your fuses.  One of the connections to the glass fuse was not making a good contact causing the dash lights to go out.  Had to tighten the connectors a bit and it resolved the problem.  


And if you removed your dashboard recently, make sure all your connections back into main harness is snug.  

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