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VK56 Dimensions / Build question

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Hello! I've been interested in a Z for a while,and have been debating what engine/chassis to use. I happen to find all the eras interesting in different ways I I guess I'm agnostic aesthetically, but I want to use the VK56. 1: It's cheap $500 for engine with trans at Picknpull near me. 2: It performs well 300 hp and 400 ftlbs in factory trim. 3: It's a Nissan, and it's a V8. 4: It's relatively modern so parts aren't obscure or incredibly expensive. Worse case I can go back to Upull and get whatever it is as a spare. 5: It's not an LS, or SBF!

I've built a rotary, a 4g63/64 hybrid, an in-progress 47 international, and worked on old school V8's. I'm fairly skilled, but I don't have access to cnc or lathes and such. I can TIG though. I bring this up because I see a couple of VK builds but they all stall out once the engine is inside the chassis?

So I'm looking for the overall width, height, and length of the VK56 first off. Secondly which Z chassis has the most space in it? I would assume the S130 and then the Z31, followed by S30, but I'm not sure. I just want maximum space between hood and crossmember, and shock towers to maximize the chances of this thing fitting.

There's a 70k mile non-running NA Auto Z31 near me. It's a good candidate in my eyes because the drivetrain sucks, but the body/interior are good. The guy's still asking $3k for a non-running car which is laughable. he's been 'talked down' from $6k, if you'll believe it.

I guess this is as much an intro as a V8 swap related post, sorry.

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So I answered my own question! I went to the U-pull yard and took a measuring tape. Here's some basic dimensions of a non-vvl engine:

Overall Height from Oil pan to top of intake: 33"

Overall length from back of block to front of Intake: 30"

Overall Width: 30"

Height of Titan Intake: 10"

Top of Intake to bottom of Balancer: 25"

Bottom of balancer to bottom of oil pan: 8"

It's a surprisingly narrow block. The headers tuck in really tight and don't extend beyond the outer edge of the heads.  All of these measurements are +/- an inch. It's not easy to do this with the engine in the truck and only one guy. Hopefully this helps others looking into this swap. 

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