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Slop in new valve guides

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Ive been rebuilding my l24 and recently got the my head back from the machine shop after putting in new exhaust valve guides seats.

I noticed that there is a small amount of side to side play when rocking the valves in their guides (about as much as the old intake guides) 

but more worryingly they don't seem to seal well. When I put my finger over the back of the valve guide and pull the valve out it doesn't hold 

vacuum or pop even as well as the used intake guides. Is this normal or should I be worried?

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That’s not right . You are doing the right tests. Nissan clearances should be tight . I’d take it somewhere else . Most guides come sized that the intake will be .0015 and the exhaust will be .00025 . They might tighten up during install . I just went through this . The machine shop honed out the guides to .002 - so they said . It’s a bit tricky to measure guides . I doubt after install the guides needed anything after install . Nissan says the clearance is .0008- .0015 for the intake . 

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