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L28ET Eurospec exhaust manifold bellows damage


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I have a L28ET exhaust manifold from a 83 280ZX Turbo, unit was made of three pieces, and put together with two bellows couplers.

Here is a picture of the manifold in question, found on
mrjeffzx xtreme Nissan 280zx Turbo page:


One of the bellows has a crack in it and needs to be replaced or if possible repaired.
I don’t think it would be possible to weld it, at least not with my welding skills.


I tried finding this part on RockAuto, eBay, FAST, Nissan4u and a couple if other sites without any luck.
Not even a part number :-(


Therefor I thought I should try asking here for help.

Maybe there are alternative ways of fixing this.
Any suggestions are welcome.


I have attached a picture of the damage (The white stuff is exhaust paste since I first thought it leaked around the clamps)



Manifold damage L28ET.jpg

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I dont have any source for them. I do have a direction you can start searching though. Years ago I remember a post from Tony D Talking about this manifold and saying that someone could likely make the bellows from a Mercedes Diesel work. Not bolt on but you could make them work.  Now keep in mind that this post im thinking about was likely 10+ years ago but its at least a direction to go towards.  Some search terms that will likely help is "euro Manifold" as thats what alot of people call it. 

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