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  1. What I mean by wont drive is if you give it gas under load it stumbles and coughs. In park you can get it to rev up decently but only if you slowly apply throttle. Yes the Levi oi us owner has messed with all kinds of things. Chts ohms out correctly and so does the maf. He had all emissions stuff take off the intake manifold but I've put it all back on correctly I believe.
  2. Hi been a while since I've posted on here. I just bought a 1984 maxima wagon. It has the l24e in it. The efi system is the same as a 81-83 280zx. The person I bought it from works for deatschwerks. He was trying to get it running and the injectors where stuck. So he threw a set on he got free from work for a vanagon. They are high impedance though. I've got it running at idle ok but does not drive. Anybody have any experience on this. I know it's a long shot and I will be switching to speeduino but I'm just trying to get it going the way it is. Thanks
  3. Hey, I'm needing a set of NA injectors for a 84 maxima I'm working on. Do you happen to have a set? They are the same as the 280zx NA ones. Thanns
  4. Not Mine. Mine was close but I had fender mirrors. Those are the Rota RB or RBR's from the group buys what? 12 years ago? Rears are 17x9.5 and front where 17x9's. The overall quality of the paint and everything on this car is/was nicer than mine also. Those look like some generic mirrors from the zstore or blackdragon(still around?)
  5. Amazing Derek!! whats red line on the one in the video? it sounds like its not breaking a sweat at 7k and is begging to be reved out. Also, what transmission is he using? I think I see paddle shifters on his steering column.
  6. I was thinking I had also. Guess I was correct. I remember he seemed very genuine. Sad to see him go.
  7. In my 260 it puts the shifter right in the middle of the hole.
  8. What are you looking for? Like what condition? Are you wanting a turn key or a project that has had a lot of the work done?
  9. I have a few but they need to be over bored. Is that something that interests you?
  10. Something is off on that dyno sheet. The torque and Hp dont cross at 5252. It mathematically has to cross there so I'm not sure what is wrong with the dyno chart or the dyno.
  11. I like where this is going. Im just curious if we are going about this the wrong way. Instead of us modifying it. Why dont we contact the vendor. The changes needed wouldn't add to the production costs any or if there is an increase, it would be small. The company is already set up to make these efficiently and the hard part is the splines which wouldn't change. The rest is just a different profile to make it suite our needs. I'm sure someone on here would draw it up. Seems the simpler way to go...
  12. Umm why do you need head studs and MLS head gasket for 250 HP? The only thing the MLS is going to get you at that HP levels is broken ring lands or bent rods instead of just a blown head gasket when the engine detonates.
  13. Run stock rods. You don't need any more for your HP goals
  14. Mike, Its been an honor to watch your journey. Sometimes enough is enough though and we understand. I wish you luck in everything.
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