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Price idea for disassembled 1970 240Z


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Hi all, I’m writing in the hope of receiving some advice on what might be a reasonable price / approach in dealing with my disassembled 1970 240Z (VIN HLS30-05056).  I’m not really sure this is the right website for this as most posts obviously indicate advanced knowledge, modifications etc, and mine is very basic, but anyway, here goes. I won’t be offended if directed to try elsewhere.

I bought my Z 2nd hand in 1974 (from a classmate) and drove it for about 3 very enjoyable years, before it was no longer big- or reliable enough given my rather nomadic lifestyle at the time.  I did hang on to it all this time however, with the plan to eventually restore (central-Canadian and then Atlantic-Canadian weather / road conditions were tough on the Z’s steel, as most/all readers realize).  So for the last several decades it has been sitting disassembled in the back of my unheated garages (although for a couple of years it sat stripped-down on sawhorses under a tarp outside).  A couple of years after buying it I replaced the engine with one from a ’72 (…. or ’73 ??) from auto salvage (engine problems, seemed like a good solution at the time).

I have recognized for quite a while now that I will never have the skillset or time to do justice to a restoration, but hopefully someone out there has those talents and the desire to do just that. I have seen some amazing restorations online, which makes me think it may be a possibility for mine, but ultimately that would be up to the experts to decide.

Like a lot of Z Car drivers, I still have a bit of a sentimental attachment to it, and would much prefer to see it back on the road, rather than being melted down.  I’m really not interested in selling individual parts.

As noted above, one main factor in its deterioration is rust, for all the expected areas, and probably then some (eg the majority of the floor is gone due to rust).  Above its “rust lines” the steel, in my opinion, is still surprisingly not bad for the most part.

I have taken a lot of photos of most of the major and key components, and certainly would take more if there is interest expressed.  Several of the pics are att’d.

One likely complication in finding a new owner is our location;. approx. 90 miles S-W of Halifax, in Nova Scotia, eastern Canada.

Any suggestions, estimates of the value as is, and other feedback will be much appreciated.










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Just liked the wording a bit better, cosmetic changes rather than of any real substance
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Thanks very much for the suggestion, will give that a try (classiczcars.com). Much appreciated (I have quite enjoyed browsing this website though,  makes me wish I had made the time to rehabilitate my 240). Anyway, thanks again.

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Just to add some closure to this posting, I'm feeling pretty good about having just sold to a Datsun enthusiast who is taking on the restoration of this 240 to add to his 510 and 610 selection, and lives within 50 miles so I can keep up to date how it's going. Thanks again NewZed for your suggestion

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