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Knock sensor testing

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I have no idea if the knock sensor I have off of this `83 280ZX Turbo is good or not. It doesn't read any resistance when I test between the two terminals. Is this normal? Is there a way to test it? If I just leave it unplugged is this the same as having no knocking or the same as having constant knocking?

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The knock sensor is very high impedence. If it's shorted it's bad. The only way I know of to test it is the way I tested mine - hook it up to an oscilloscope and rap it on the bench. If you get a waveform on the scope, it's good.


If you leave it unplugged, the ECU will not see any knocking, and this applies to a 300ZX ECU as well, that's the only way I got rid of the error code was to leave one terminal disconnected.

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