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  1. SleeperZ

    280Z Restomod Progress

  2. Wow, congrats on the carbs, this is an incredibly cool restoration. Once complete I hope to see lots more of these great photos. Do you plan on entering any cars shows?
  3. SleeperZ

    Am I crazy?

    With the shallower slope of the rear glass, the S130 is more aerodynamic than an S30. The S130 is an attractive car.
  4. SleeperZ

    1978 Datsun 280Z RB25 Restomod

    Wow, that's really impressive pattern matching.
  5. Wow. I can see it now, new threads here on building L28 bottom ends with titanium rods...."how do I build a 9k engine to be reliable?'"...heh
  6. SleeperZ

    Mustang turbo 4 Engine

    Check out the "Team Boosted" Youtube channel. Those guys are making some stupid power from that Ford 4 cylinder in an S30.
  7. SleeperZ

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    The L28 definitely has those alignment dowels.
  8. SleeperZ

    Midwest Barn find 76 280z

    Very nice, but wow those bumpers are hideous.
  9. SleeperZ

    2019 Datsun calender

    Definitely yes, I would like one.
  10. SleeperZ

    New 240z owner from Texas :)

    Welcome, she's a beauty!
  11. Sounds like an L engine, beautiful!
  12. This is a topic that has not just one answer. Lots of factors determine what you can run, depending on your intended use, price range, and technical ability. I suggest you research what has been done, this site has more information on this than any other, as far as I know. Once you better define your needs, ask more specific questions that are more likely to get satisfactory answers.
  13. SleeperZ

    2jzge swap in progress

    Good of them to leave a note, looks like the truck survives.
  14. Thanks for posting this. I wish I could have been there, I loved Kyle Kunhausen's build!
  15. SleeperZ

    2jzge swap in progress

    Wow, that sucks in so many ways, were you in the truck? I hope you are ok.