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  1. It looks like it may be an aftermarket spring. If it's loose in the perch when the wheel is off the ground, it's definitely a lowering spring.
  2. I saw that Team Boosted installed a side pipe on their Datsun, supposedly to meet the noise requirement, but the cutout in the fender is pretty obvious. I hope they don't get ticketed in that mad machine.
  3. Wouldn't it be as simple as leveling the car and measuring the distance of the wheel center from a plumb line centered on the top of the strut? It's simple math given those measurements.
  4. I appreciate the review of the brake pad materials. I'm curious why you have not gone to a vented front rotor? That's the main reason I am changing from stock S30 brakes, as I like to drive road courses and brake cooling seems to be important. My setup will be 280ZX front calipers with turned down Z31 front rotors and Maxima rear calipers with late S130 rotors; I am shooting for a 280ZX-type brake system, so I will also swap in the 15/16 MC and late S130 prop valve. I would like to report results this summer, but there is so much to do on the car...
  5. Wow, you're making some impressive numbers, and nice going with that automatic transmission. How fast are you hitting the 60' mark?
  6. The switch, IMHO, is an important safety feature, and I recommend repairing it. I don't see how having updated gauges negates the need for a brake pressure monitoring switch.
  7. Wow, congrats on the carbs, this is an incredibly cool restoration. Once complete I hope to see lots more of these great photos. Do you plan on entering any cars shows?
  8. With the shallower slope of the rear glass, the S130 is more aerodynamic than an S30. The S130 is an attractive car.
  9. Wow, that's really impressive pattern matching.
  10. Wow. I can see it now, new threads here on building L28 bottom ends with titanium rods...."how do I build a 9k engine to be reliable?'"...heh
  11. Check out the "Team Boosted" Youtube channel. Those guys are making some stupid power from that Ford 4 cylinder in an S30.
  12. Very nice, but wow those bumpers are hideous.
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