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  1. Nice, my setup is very similar, engine and suspension-wise.
  2. Wow, what a shame. My condolences to his family.
  3. It sounds like you may have an issue with the alternator, you should not see the voltage drop once you are off idle, but that when measured at the battery or fuse panel. I'm not sure where your voltage is being measured - if you are getting that off MS, you don't have a good power wire to the ECU, it is dropping voltage when you make it busy.
  4. Stock 280Z fuel line has no issues for my power level, 350hp or so. 3/8" or AN6 is a reasonable upgrade.
  5. Really nice solution for the exhaust. Anodize black, it will look amazing.
  6. I thought the S12 240SX had the long nose R200.
  7. The pressure within each line and along all lines should equalize as soon as the pads are set into the rotor, very quickly.
  8. I don't know much about wheels, and generally don't like 17", but I have to say that car is my dream Z. No flares, wheels/tires look amazing, very clean stock look.
  9. No doubt. They will burn out, and your ECU cannot compensate for a lean condition. BTW it is only possible to get more than 100% duty in imaginary dimensions.
  10. Wow, that is taking things to a whole new level....
  11. Perhaps off topic, but one of the YouTube Street Banditos drifts his 350Z...
  12. It looks like it may be an aftermarket spring. If it's loose in the perch when the wheel is off the ground, it's definitely a lowering spring.
  13. I saw that Team Boosted installed a side pipe on their Datsun, supposedly to meet the noise requirement, but the cutout in the fender is pretty obvious. I hope they don't get ticketed in that mad machine.
  14. Wouldn't it be as simple as leveling the car and measuring the distance of the wheel center from a plumb line centered on the top of the strut? It's simple math given those measurements.
  15. I appreciate the review of the brake pad materials. I'm curious why you have not gone to a vented front rotor? That's the main reason I am changing from stock S30 brakes, as I like to drive road courses and brake cooling seems to be important. My setup will be 280ZX front calipers with turned down Z31 front rotors and Maxima rear calipers with late S130 rotors; I am shooting for a 280ZX-type brake system, so I will also swap in the 15/16 MC and late S130 prop valve. I would like to report results this summer, but there is so much to do on the car...
  16. Wow, you're making some impressive numbers, and nice going with that automatic transmission. How fast are you hitting the 60' mark?
  17. The switch, IMHO, is an important safety feature, and I recommend repairing it. I don't see how having updated gauges negates the need for a brake pressure monitoring switch.
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