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350 Z carbon driveshaft specs

Ben D

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Hello guys,


I'm interested in the carbon fibre driveshaft from the latest Z as a potential upgrade. Can anyone provide me with the following specs of a 350 Z driveshaft ? Length (both overall and centre to centre of the universal joints), shaft diameter, transmission yoke specs (diameter of trans output shaft and spline count) and rear uni/ flange specs.


My car runs all Z32 300 ZX TT bits in the yoke and differential flange area, but runs a custom length single piece shaft that is 925 mm c/c of the uni joints. its a steel 3.5 " diameter shaft that weighs a ton - if I could get a 350 Z shaft to fit I'd save probably 20 pounds of reciprocating weight and pick up both ET and MPH, as well as cushion the driveline a bit on the launch.....





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Why bother for a custom aluminium shaft if a 350 Z carbon shaft fits my car ? I'd prefer carbon up to a certain price premium as my understanding is (more knowledgeable authorities can correct me if I'm wrong) carbon shafts will be lighter while at the same time absorbing more shock loads than either an aluminium or steel shaft. However, looks like the 350 Z shaft is too long - 1321 mm c/c for manuals and 1283 mm c/c for autos, but no info as yet on whether the 350Z runs the big spline output shaft in the gearbox like Z32 TTs and R34 GT-T. Does anyone know this info ?

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CF drive shafts are a bit of an unkown to me as in performance, and I would stay away from them for the time being. Reason being CF is what hold the resin in place as it cures. Yeah CF is virtually indestructable some say, but it the resin that holds the structure. And when the CF breaks it the resin that shatters not the cloth. Aluminum ones to ful custim spec are like $200. Usually what breaks on those when it does are the U joints and usually can be repaired easily.

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