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  1. I know its a thread from the way back, but I've been of this forum for a while. The actual calipers on the 370Z are fine, there are no issues with them on G37s at the track, but cooling is horrible on the 370Z. I now run stoptech trophy brakes with no problems, but even with a fluid change, I managed to wear a set of Hawk HP+ pads down to the backing plates and boil the fluid at my very first track day in the car in one 20 minute session at Little Talladega, and I was taking it easy since I had never tracked the car before. Finally though, after 3 years, I have gotten all of the kinks and issues worked out with my car (fuel starve, oil cool, brake cool)
  2. When and if I blow the engine in my 370z racecar, its getting an LS transplant.
  3. Looking great Larrow!!!! (Teresa's husband, former owner of "The Pickle"! Small world!)
  4. congrats Austin! I really loved mine when I had it. I did everything I could to it though, so it was time to move on.
  5. I use black diamond coal slag exclusively. I only blast as a powdercoat prep though. the black diamond is cheap, but it breaks down fast. I used to use aluminum oxide, which lasts longer, but its pretty expensive.
  6. Zero, sorry, I didn't mean to hijack. Your bike is awesome!!!! That really came out great.
  7. what size do you need? I have a 52cm? Miyata, but its old and I think a 12 speed. Haven't ridden in about 7 years though, so I can't remember. It was about 1000 new, but I'd love to give it a new home.
  8. not reported to BBB, but did just start the dispute process with credit card today. I wanted to wait until car was fixed by new place, but they just found another problem today. My 60 days with credit card for disputes ends tomorrow, so we started the process. From the time I picked it up, it squealed really bad. The original shop said my power steering pump was going out. I tightened the belt, and it reduced, but didnt' go away. New shop said its coming from the crank pulley. It was supposed to have been pinned, but I'm not sure what the real problem is at this point, because I am in Brazil. My wife said it needed a new crank shaft, but at 280 for parts, and 5 hours labor, I think she is a little confused. Its probably the pulley itself, but I guess I will find out monday after I get home. I only know I am getting really frustrated, as this is supposed to be my daily driver, and although I've only run the Z for 30 minutes on a racetrack in the last year, I feel like I have driven it more than the vette. Once again, if you want it done right, do it yourself!
  9. I plan on doing a partial chargeback on my credit card once I find out the damages. This shop also lowered my wife's '07 Tahoe at the same time, left out some pieces and then lied to me about it when I asked them on 3 separate occassions if they installed the self levelling rods. Twice when asked, the owner said he did the install and put them in, then when I picked up the old parts and asked where the old ones were, he said they were damaged and he threw them out. Then when I contacted the suspension company, the shop said the owner didn't do the install because he went home sick, and the guy that did finish it didn't know how to install them, so he just left them out. Methinks, they just didn't have them, as they had to be drop shipped to me from the mfgr, and I finished the install.
  10. I know I should have done it myself, but they were very reputable, and I had it sitting in the box in the garage for 2 and a half months without time to do it myself. Never again. I took the car to a lapping day in Alabama, 3 hours from home, and it died on the first lap. Turns out the power wires for the boost a pump were secured improperly and shorted out my fuel system. I'm not sure what else is messed up at this point. Since I wasn't sure where to even start the troubleshooting, I towed it to MTI racing and they are going over the whole thing and retuning it from the start for me. The bolts that the wire is secured under are part of the tunnel plate, a structural piece that stiffens the chassis and insulates the exhaust from the cabin.
  11. also: http://www.customcoaters.com/
  12. I can't think of anyone off hand. If you want to ship, I'm more than happy to help, but try going on www.forum.eastwoodco.com and see if anyone in the PC section is local to you.
  13. no, they are a thicker, wider seat. I don't think they would fit easily at all.
  14. 2003z

    I confess

    Glenn, as I alluded to on the other forum, after my nightmares with getting my supercharger installed on the C6, at the most respected shop in atlanta, at that, you really don't want to trust anyone else to do your work. Maybe someone here with a little experience can help. I've only rewired a stock harness myself, but patience and time was all it took. I will never pay a shop to do worse work than I could have done myself again.
  15. sorry, but they have already announced the specs and pricing. I saw the car at the LA autoshow, and it definitely looks better in person than photos also. $69000 base price
  16. Its a strong contender in 2-3 years, the only car on my list right now at least, for when I replace my corvette. Maybe sooner if I can't get the bugs worked out of my new supercharger setup.
  17. Nice car! We had a black SportCross a few years ago.
  18. Don't know if you have them or not out there, but Northern Tool and Equipment and Tractor Supply Company both sell blasting media. I would stay away from silica sand, as its bad for your health.
  19. I have added relays to my headlights and power them directly off of the alternator for a much brighter light. I would imagine that if you did the same and ran the trigger wire off of the coil, or some other ignition switched source, you could leave the switch on and have them on any time the car is running.
  20. you really have to see it in person, it is a great looking car.
  21. I really like the UK spec civic. I've seen a couple on the roads over there and they are pretty nice! Why can't we get this car?
  22. Dave, I have to say, I think that even with a search, he won't find anyone who has done brembos. What would really help in his quest though, is what car the brembo's were designed for.
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