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Hey guys, I pulled my motor and tranny yesterday and totally stripped the paint out of the engine compartment. Question is would I be wise to weld all the seams that are spot welded? It seem that this would be

good for stiffening up the chassis but

may cause some warping. I also plan on

re-routing the wiring harnes to the outside of the engine compartment to keep it away

from the exhaust.. What do you think?


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Guest Anonymous


I'd definately weld all the seams but if you do it right there will be little to no warpage. Space spot welds about 1" apart. Do this all along the weld line and then fill inbetween the welds you made with another set of spot welds. Keep on doing this until it looks like a solid weld. This will prevent excess heat buildup and you can keep things from getting buggered up.



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Depending on your welder, you might be able to dial in a fine tuned range and run seem welds. I'd run spots about six inches apart and then run the seem between the two spots. DO NOT CRANK THE HEAT UP. If you have access to a 220 Welder you will get a much better dial in for heat and get a more consistant weld.






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My personal welder is just a little 110 wire feed. My neighbor is going to let me use his

big nasty proffesional grade mig that runs

on 220 up to 480 and will feed some really thick wire, he has a full bottle of argon

and it is ready to rumble. I just have to go load it on a trailor and drag it over to my house. I have been filling in all of the little holes in the engine compartment and

plan on doing the floorboard this weekend.

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