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How do I test the Fuel Injectors on an LT1

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I have an LT1 with Painless wiring harness and a 1992 computer. It just stopped running the other day; the spark is good but I don't feel like the injectors are opening properly (I do have 43 PSI at startup). How do I test the Injectors from the computer, I think I might have a bad computer (I just put in a rebuilt computer about a month ago).

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Your injectors should ohm out at around 12-15ohms. As for testing them, you should really use a "noid" light" but you can use a 12V test light. The noid light is designed not to put any extra load/draw on the injector circuit so you dont run the risk of damaging the computer. So using a 12V test light may or may not damage your PCM. I've seen plenty of guys use it without any harm to the PCM.


The first thing I would do is check your fuses on your harness. I know the factory harness has two 7.5A fuses, one for each bank of injectors.




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