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Broken 4.38 Differential


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I have a broken 4.38 differential (a friend bought it from Arizona Z car in the mid to late 80's) I think it came from an early 80's pick-up, it is stamped 35:8. I had it in my car for one summer of fun. The summer fun ended when a couple of teeth broke off of the smaller cog (one of the small internal rings with 8 teeth). My friend who sold it to me and I put the stock unit back in. Does anyone know if this can be repaired? Where would I get the parts? Does this broken unit have value to anyone? I have been watching for a 3.7 or 3.9 or a LSD that wouldn't break the bank (like everybody else in here I'm sure) I also have a 2nd, stock r200 3.54 unit just hanging out in my garage.


Thanks for any input/advice (I searched on broken differential, fix differential and a couple others but I didn't see a parallel thread)





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