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I just have a quick question, i saw a video on here of a supra vs a skyline and the supra guys said that they left it at the original displacement for better response so i was wondering if it was the same way with the RB engines, im looking to do an RB26DETT swap soon and i was think about going RB30, im looking for really good response so any information would be helpful. Im not looking for a lot of horsepower im just looking for a "quick off the line" car, i just assumed that a higher displacement would make the turbo spool quicker.

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Actually, what was said in the video you are referring to is that Mines left the engine bore stock. They said that on the rebuild they believe that the stock bore gives better response with the mods they used. You need to keep in mind that they also use HKS turbos and several other high end bolt ons. But still, this is an exotic. The engine in that car would easily run you $15k to reproduce. If you are going along with an RB26, you will be amazed at what the engine will do stock. Remember these guys on the video are race car drivers. What average people like us find fast these guys laugh at. They are far too comfortable with a GT-R in stock trim. The first time I drove an RB26 was in an R32 GT-R. The engine has no real lag. It will pull cleanly and happily right off idle. The powerband is crazy. You can just leave it in 4th or 5th gear all day and punch it. It may not start to really rocket off until 3k, but it will not buck or fight with you below.



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I agree..I love the way a stock internal rb26 performs just with simple bolt ons.I love the performance of the rb30 twin cam as well but i wouldnt go to the effort of swapping to a 30 block if you already have a compleate rb26..A lot of people here in aus build rb30's because a block can be had for AU$50 easily,and a rb25/26 head for $500/700 whereas a complete rb26 is still easily over $4000.

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