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  1. Hey man you still around? it's aaron bowen from San Diego give me a call sometime


  2. Exactly how did the Pats finish the season again? Oh yeah, 18-1, with that 1 being the only game that really counts. So, in essence they were no different than the Dolphins. Remember, 2nd place is just first looser. But the Celtics did put the wood to the Lakers. The word impressive is an understatement for last nights game. Brian
  3. I actually live in Maricopa. The best two places are El Paso BBQ, and Famous Daves. I personally prefer El Paso. There is one 20 minutes from here right off the 10 at Ray Rd. Also, if you are in toen all weekend, you can catch the weekly car show at the Pavilions. Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to and I'll give you my phone number. Brian


  5. Any one for meeting up at the car show Sat. night? I'm planning to head up after work. Brian
  6. Looking for a little help here. The auto on my '92 Hardbody is acting up. The last few days is has been sticky upon start up. When I put it in drive it tries to stall the engine. This lasts about 3 minutes and then works fine. So today, after I get to work I put it into reverse and get nothing. I had some help pushing it out of the parking spot and it will go forward just fine. It shifts normally with no slippage. But no matter what, it will not go into reverse. I've checked the fluid and all seems to be right. My concern is that chances are the tranny fluid is the original stuff still. The truck only had 60k miles on it when I bought it two years ago and it has been sitting for nearly a decade with little use. I know I'm reaching here, but is there a chance that a simple flush and fill might solve this? Or am I looking at a new tranny? Brian
  7. If you donate it, be sure to pull the swasticas off. I'm sure you already thought of this, but those wheels in decent shape alone could bring you $300. As for the tax situation, check on the allowable donation deductions. I know for regular donations there is a max allowed. Be sure you don't hit that mark before as then you'd be SOL by donating it. Brian
  8. Sorry, but no chance what so ever. These days you will be lucky to find any running 510 for under $2k. And definately not a 2 door. You might get a project with no drivetrain and in need of bodywork for a grand, but that is about the best you might get. As mentioned earlier, if you can find a friend of a friend or can track one down word of mouth you might get a break. Brian
  9. The mark up is a non issue. I have been saying this since day one. Of course they will be commanding far more than the MSRP at their release. All highly anticipated cars do. The original C5 Z06 sold for $100k when first released. Even the original Miata all the way back in 1989 sold for $25k. That was almost $7k more than MSRP. Like all of these examples, it will take a year or so for the price to level off. That is when a fair comparison can be made. Any talk of "I can make X car do X for less" will need to wait till then. There is always someone, somewhere, that can make a cheaper faster car. But again they are not new, off the showroom floor production cars with warranty either. The comparisons coming out in the mags now are the only ones that are at all fair. Factory equipped cars in competition. What I find interesting is the persistant comment all of the reviews have made. That the weight of the GT-R is not the factor all of the critics said it would be. Technology has made another leap, and while not able to break the laws of physics, it has found a way to bend them, heavily. I understand why there is such surprise. We have all been raised with the idea that there is no replacement for light weight. Well, just like the old addage "there's no replacement for displacement" has fallen by the wayside with forced induction, we find that there is indeed a replacement for light weight. And it's called ATTESA. As for the power numbers, again I find it a bit funny. Every GT-R has had it's numbers watered down. This goes all the way back to the PGC10 in '69. The '89 R32 was labeled with 287hp. The reality was closer the 330. It was no surprise that they dyno'd with higher numbers. But let's not pretend that this is why the car is so fast around the track. Even at 550hp, the GT-R has a lower power to weight ratio than the 911 or Z06. The power helps, no doubt, but it's the superb balance and awesome traction that smokes the competition. As for the looks, it's subjective. There is no argument that the 911 is gorgeous. Pretty much has been all it's life. Until the GT-R is seen in person you can't make an informed choice. It is so unique that no pictures really do it justice. I can't explain it. For that matter neither can any of the reviewers who say the same thing. In person the car just works. But if looks are what will solely dictate how I spend $120k, it would not be on a Porsche either. The best looking car(s) on the road right now are the M3, Exige, and G37. But none of them can touch a 911, or a GT-R for that matter. It comes down to what is more important I guess. Brian
  10. A friend of mine has one in LA. He's looking for $800 for it. Brian
  11. I am aware of this. But the question was whether it would bolt in. Which it will not. At least not without other mods. On a personal note, I would never feel comfortable with spacers in a diff. It may very well work fine, but the diff is quite possibly the hardest hit component in the drivetrain. The last thing I would want to do is insert another part that might fail. Again, I'm not making a judgement call here, just stating that it is nothing I would ever suggest to another. Brian
  12. Guys, Unfortunately it won't work. None of them will. While you guys are correct in the spline count and such for the non-vlsd unit, the ring gear bolt holes are not the same. The S130 uses the 10mm bolt. Nissan did not start using the 12mm bolt gears until late '85. You will need to find an R200 from a later 200SX or Z31 300ZX and then you can use the Kaaz unit. That is what I did and it worked perfectly. Brian
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