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This question is asked so often it should be a sticky...


As stated above Money=Power


As far as cheap power goes the only way you're getting that is if you have the tools and skills to do you're own porting, intake fabrication, exhaust and cam regrinds. Cam regrinds are fairly inexpensive, but that depends on your version of inexpensive. Give us a budget and we'll give you some more info.


Things to start with would be gutting the cat to free flow the exhaust some more, you've opened up the intake with the K&N already so that's about it for now. Money money money. How fast do you want to spend?

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lol it was a bit of a dumb question. I have a non cali car and it has a premuffler. is there a freeflow pre muffler? do i even need it legally? I decided im gonna do a turbo swap when my engine goes out so i guess i shouldnt spend too much on this engine

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