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  1. Im not getting your point. If Im bench racing its not much different than anyone else in this thread throwing around 400 and 600hp numbers. Sorry I didn't post links to the guys that have writeups and threads about what I talked about I don't have them handy. But they aren't hard to find. But for 400whp theres known limitations that are easily remedied. Big difference between that and 600+ in an L series. ~Alex
  2. 400hp is fairly straight forward with an L28 I don't know why people make it such an impossible task. Really its just a airflow bottle neck problem, which with a stock L28 is the ports themselves which a lot of people take care of, then the stock tiny cam and then the intake manifold runners need ported themselves. There is TONS of info on making a powerful L series here on this very forum. I've done months and months and months of research and Im building a 500+hp L28ET. No stroker yet, but a rebuilt stock bottom end (arp rod bolts is the only real upgrade) and I'll be playing around with porting the head, intake manifold, exhaust manifold will easily get me over 400whp, with a nice balanced power band. Ie similar HP and TQ and not an over abundance of torque down low and fading in the top end. I also have will have two L28ets and the second one will be forged. First one is to get in the car and back on the road again after a few years of sitting. ~Alex
  3. http://www.rx7club.com/build-threads-292/iv-rotor-build-12-plugs-9-bearings-8-ports-%3D-1-monster-1037657/ Check out how he did his pyramid style brace on the strut towers. If possible I would do that, straight tubes are much stronger, obviously. Thats how I'm doing my Z31. Other then that fantastic build. I watched your videos and wish you luck in getting ready for this racing season if you still can. ~Alex
  4. My first 88 turbo Z31 had one with it when i bought it. Made 390ftlbs and about 300whp on a stock turbo and it held fine with tons of aggressive daily driving and lots of drift days and a few road race track events. Surprised me when I pulled the engine and found it. Then I bought one from the junkayard for $20 when I pulled the trans out of an 87 turbo because why not. I used it some other build for a week or two then an na 240sx for a few weeks (both temp builds) and it was fine. Are you taking a crap shoot it might suck, slip or explode? Yeah, but that last one isnt likely...but its possible due to random quality. That said I use DXD southbend clutches in everything else when i have to depend on it. My L28ET is getting a 350Z clutch and light rb flywheel because I got a brand new 350Z clutch with another engine. My friends stock held a 400ftlb 530whp super charged vq35 so I figured Id try it. Beats ebay quality as its OEM. Oh and as for unsprun disks....I avoid them. They are super harsh on the gears themselves because theres zero dampening from the engine to the transmission unlike most disks. I only use them now on high revving race cars for lighter disks. They are very harsh daily driving but you can get around that with more clutch slippage. ~Alex
  5. Is the fuel pump controlled through the ecu? I'm not sure how complex the control system is but it seems to have a hi/low setting with a stock ecu. I know at trackdays I'll hear my walbro whining away much louder than if I just do street/daily driving. But i could be wrong, the one thing i don't know much about is how the fuel pump control works. But if the pump is run 100% all the time, and the return line was undersized you'd have the opposite problem. Too much fuel pressure at idle and lacking (or maybe correct) at full load or high rpm.
  6. Whats the rule? I've been building a Z31 track car for a while with a focus on getting my nasa license for ST classes and taking it drifting occasionally as well. ~Alex
  7. Very interesting! As Mtcookson knows Im doing a VQ30DE-TT. 10:1 comp stock and all that. Im also planning on using T25's but I believe they are going to be good for the 420+ range. Its going in my '90 240sx . Not a Zcar I looked at a few fully modded stock turbo 300zx's and all of them were in the 350 range, with only one guy at 375. He had all the bolt ons and ran the turbos at 15psi. Pretty much blowing pure hot air from what Ive seen of the T22s they come with. The T25 should be pushing more CFM's and still max out at about 15psi. Any way I need to start fabbing and get working on it. I hope to be done some time in may/june... ~Alex
  8. Alex_V

    Will it work?

    The 89-94 maxima has diffrent exhaust manifolds so yes you do. Unless you want to custom fab something. The 85-88 manifolds are the same or similar to the Z31's. ~Alex
  9. Thats detonation damage. Clean off all the carbon thats collected on the cyl heads and pistons, or run 89 octane or back off the base ignition timing 2-3 degrees. That will eventually damage the pistons and kill the engine, but it wont kill an NA engine that easy. As you can see though its well on its way to becoming the engine MTcookson had to replace. ~Alex
  10. Id sell my L28ET setup for about $400 plus shipping.... ~Alex
  11. Its NA, it wont blow up unless you run low on oil or over heat it from lack of coolant....Just get a full turbo swap and do it when you have the time. ~Alex
  12. Id just move the steering shaft. Just use a bearing support or something. I may have to do that in my s13 with a twin turbo VQ30... ~Alex
  13. The problem is the wategate cant bleed off the exaust pressure that "powers" the turbo. It could be large egnough and the exaust just flows past the wastegate or it might be too small for an efficent turbo. Get some pics of your WG setup that might help. ~Alex
  14. Also if you search for L28DE you wont find what you need. ~Alex
  15. I know on my maxima or 240sx, the neg battery cable bolts to the frame just after the neg terminal then goes to the block and else where. Alot of the time it will corrode and break at the chassis connection point, so you have to check all the connection points and make sure they are still intact. ~Alex
  16. I was talking to Garret and he had a Spearco IC, full 3 in exaust, 60mm throttle body, adjustable FPR, bigger fuel pump, 15psi and an adjusted stock AFM. Stock ecu/turbo/engine. He dyno'd at 320WTQ and 275WHP. Looks like you need injectors an AFPR and "tuning" the AFM... That was my plan, just that stuff, maybe 440cc injectors and either a chipped maxima ECU (I have the ecu already) or depending on my success with MS on my VQ-s13 project I may use it again. And eventually some sort of turbo upgrade. ~Alex
  17. http://www.v8mr2.com/ That one is interesting too ~Alex
  18. yea 14-15psi is the max for the stock turbo, and with all the proper mods thats 275WHP and around 315WTQ. Any more then that and your looking at an upgraded turbo. ~Alex
  19. I love my S13 (its all stock) and its KA and 4:1 ratio diff. I can pass pretty easily accerating from 65 but after 75mph in 5th it gets into its power band and can easily pass still in 5th. But after the v6 and lower ratio diff, oh and twin turbos it otta be really fun.... ~Alex
  20. Make sure they change the intake and exaust manifold to head gasket, that should be some of the parts cost. I havn't done the job my self so you should check and see what else needs replaced when you take those parts off. You also have to triple check every thing about shop jobs unless you know the people. ~Alex
  21. Header= NA and looking at his cardomain he has an NA. Id take detailed pics before the guy does it for $200. Do you know if he has a good mechanical history? Or is it some one you've never met before? ~Alex
  22. If the blades didnt hit the housings why not rebuild if you have the cash. ~Alex
  23. Was that your S12 with it sticking out of the hood? Looked like there was plenty for a turbo or 2 some where under hood. (says the guy that is going to put a VQ30DE in with T22s of a Z32....) Any way sounds like a cool project. Crap now your making me want an S12... Do you need a serpentine style belt? Try a maxima pulley. Anything with a VG30 and the right style belt should work. ~Alex
  24. If the P90a came on that block it should be an 83. P90a's only came on the 83's. ~Alex
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