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f54 block: what are my head options

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I have recently purchased a 77 280z. It has an f54 block (stock bore,flat top pistons), n47 head and early SU round top carbs. Along with the car a p79 head and also an e88 head. I do want to keep it N/A at this time. My question: 1) can I run the E88 head and still use pump gas? 2) what compression ratio would I be looking at? 3) what kind of timing would I want to run. I have plans on exhaust upgrade, camshaft, and headers in the works. Any points in the right direction would be great. THANKS

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First off, welcome the Hybrid Z forum Dilligas. If technical cutting edge performance info regarding the L-6 is what you are seeking, then you have come to the right place. Within the archives of this forum you will undoubtedly be able to find THE most comprehensive and detailed tech info regarding the L-6 period! No other forum or web site even comes close in that regard!!!


Back to your question. This exact info has been covered in such detail that I personally can still smell the anti size from the spark plug threads…


As for this being a FAQ, not this particle thread or post, but I do agree that all the information that is buried within the Hybrid L-6 archives covering the OE pistons and head combos in various degrees of build and differing fuels should be dug up, sifted, and compressed into a FAQ and/or sticky for the new guys who come on this board with questions such as this.


I really don’t have the time to write yet another novel on L-6 heads and flat top piston compatibility with pump gas. SO in short, your only real pump gas option with the flat top pistons is the P-79 head and the P-79 will perform great on a mild to hot street N/A L-28. The P-90 will also work. If you are going to use any of the other heads, especially with stock camshaft, it WILL detonate, PERIOD!


Here is some good reading. After you read these threads completely, then start a search using the sea5rch function in the upper blue band of your screen.



Big and Nasty cylinder heads…








Custom head work…


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