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Hey I've been reading through hybrid Z a lot lately and finally got the guts to register. I think it may be in the wrong thread but I have a question. I have 2 1977 280z's and one 1981 280zx I'm still 14 years old. Well Kind of went out of subject there but is it true 71-73 240z dont need to do smog? If it is, is it also possible to do that in California? Everything is more strict over here so I was wondering, and a friend of mines is selling a 72 240z with an l28et. It just has a stock l28et with FMIC and a BOV, but he is selling it for $5,000 dollars. Is it worth getting?

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What shuts off at random times?


I can only reccomend that you narrow it down to one car, be it one of your cars or this 240z. I dont know what your financial position is (parents give you money, you have to work for it) but I just turned 16 and working on my car has been kinda hard if I needed to buy a part. Narrowing it down to one car will focus all your energy and money into making one good car. If I were you Id mabey sell 2 of your cars and put the money into the 3rd car or save it and then save up more money for the turbo 240 if it was really important to you.


Just the biggest thing I can enforce is to stay focused on one thing and keep at it.


Mabey you could get some pictures of this 240.

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The whole engine shuts off at random times...


the car has a 3 1/2 inch drop, sparco seats/harness, SAFC, boost gauge, momo steering wheel, roll cage, 3 inch piping, 4 wantanabes 16x7 front 16x8 back (not konig rewinds) , falken tires, blow off valve, FMIC, 4 piston front breaks, and rear disc break conversion.

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If the 72 is rust free, I mean really rust free, then $5000 may not be a bad price. A little on the high side but possibly worth it.


There are 100 different things that could cause an engine to stall out. Could be as simple as needing a good tune up or could be an electrical problem.


See if you can find an experienced mechanic who will take a look at the car for you. Doesn't sound like a simple car to learn auto mechanics on.


Also the pre 75's are exempt from smog testing but not from the smog laws. Big difference.

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