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  1. Glad there's people I can relate to. I thought I was making a bad decision but in the long run I think I'd be more sane and happy. Awesome haha.
  2. I'm back after so much time. Man has it been rough for me. I sort of got out of working on my Z's so much that I forgot about them and sold them. I was turning into a desk jockey going after only the money. I was studying Computer Engineering everything was going good getting good grades 3.8 GPA but I noticed that I wasn't happy and I would never be if I went into it just for the money. May not think its a smart thing to do but I decided to go to UTI for diesel. Mostly because I remember I was happiest when I was working on cars and earning cash while doing it. I enjoy being a grease monkey. So now I'm in search of a 240z to work on whilst in school. Yes it's good to be back.
  3. damn... im 5'7 i feel short in here
  4. Damn... Wow my typing sucked last night. It wasn't a yahoo email, it was a hotmail, that quote challenger I don't know what was wrong with me:confused2. Noone can like hack into or something. I don't have her email since I can't log into my hotmail, I don't know any of her friends numbers she's out with her aunt right now.
  5. Well a couple years ago I made an Email about three years ago. I forgot the password and the account is still activated but I can't log in because I forgot the security questions because, I had to lie to make my email since I'm not 18 and whatever. So I put in a random age. Anyways I need help from you guys to help me get my email back please. I had an arguement with my girlfriend over the phone 2 days ago, I tried calling her yesterday and today to say I'm sorry but it says line disconnected and stuff. I can't get a hold of her any other way, I won't see her again for like a month. Anyways, I need help if someone has a way a hack into my old email since its the only way I can get in contact with her now, I forgot her email and we used to chat all the time through MSN... If anyone can please help I'm desperate hah. Its 4:10 AM trying to figure out my Email and stuff, that should show how bad it is. I've been a member here for a while I think its the same email I used to create this account. The email I need help with is vsamano280@yahoo.com Its my email, my First name is Victor, last name is Samano I love 280z's thats all the proof I can give right now. I can paypal some money if needed but I can't offer much, it would have to be taken out of my fund to buy a new guitar. Thanks guys. Its urgent. Again the email is vsamano280@yahoo.com I forgot all of the security passwords, only one I know is the first dog but I may have put something stupid in at the time. My first dogs name was Riley, U.S. California area code 92336 is all the information I can provide for now. For dog I may have put princess. I can pay if needed, Thanks -Victor S.
  6. This one is all too real. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmNy-ajRV0U
  7. YES VVC, I want to go there I tried to apply but all automive courses are full! I'll have to wait until next year. My backyard is like a junkyard, if the class needs engines I got em. Another person from Apple Valley, awesome.
  8. How was it for most of you that went? I'm going to start going to take college classes next semester, I'm going to take Automotive Engines and Drive Train, Engine performance and Advanced engine performance, I know I'll learn lots of things that I don't know, will it actually help me get a job when I'm out which will be when I'm like 18, I'm taking two years for college while I'm in high school/home school.
  9. Look CLOSELY at the car.... 2.4 Liter Holy its an s13 NVM I thought it was the real car not a conversion.
  10. Don't make fun of me!! =[ Just playing!
  11. Totally off topic. My friend and I were riding our bikes to Jack n the box it was a green light for us and some guy ran a red light hitting him breaking 3 ribs, the guy was scared so scared or something that he got a bloody nose, my friend didn't do anything to the guy he just said to take him home. So the guy takes him home I go to his house with my bike, as I get there I was asking him what happened. He said nothing he dropped me off and I said "Thank you sir." Later that night we through a party cause he could've died everybody was scared, everybody was saying "You could've gotten a buttload of money with that."
  12. Reminds me of the transformers?
  13. How do some people have the temperature and stuff on their desktop? I want that... This is my actual desktop you can see the task bar trying to hide on the right...
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