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280ZX mount question

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I got to thinking about 280ZXs and RB engines (I have a 280ZX and an RB25DET in peices), and I know one of the major pains of the swap is the conversion of front sump to rear. Would it be possible to solve this (in an S130 anyways) with the use of an early maxima crossmember? I know the 280ZX and maximas share a LOT of suspension and chassis parts, and the maxima motors are front sump.....


SO, anyone think this would work?


GOD, I wish I still lived in Phoenix. early maximas/810s are a dime a dozen in the u pull it yards, up here in MN, its rare to see ANY DATSUN in the yards.

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Only the Datsun 810 (1977-80) front crossmember will bolt into your 280ZX. The first gen Maxima (1981-84) used a different crossmember.


A problem with the 810 crossmember is that it lacks the brackets to hold the rack-and-pinion steering rack. The 810’s all used the re-circulating ball type of steering box. However, you can cut these brackets off a ZX doner crossmember and weld them on to the 810 one (as I have done on my 810).


You can get an 810 crossmember from the Z Barn. Roger has several.

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