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Linde/Ltec ARC/TIG/HELIARC welder ???

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This used welder is being sold locally for about $500. I'm not familiar with Linde - Is this a decent welder and is this a good price? Externally, the welder does not look beat up, i.e. paint chips, scratches, dents. It is listed as follows:


250 amp Linde/Ltec ARC/TIG/HELIARC welder

brand new, filled 80 CFM argon bottle,

extra tungsten and filler rod, aluminum, steel, and stainless.


Has high frequency and SOFT START settings for aluminum applications.


The TIG pedal has been bebuilt and has a new ground wire and clamp, junction box,


New air cooled torch for the machine.

Comes with 3 torches, 2 larger water cooled, high and medium, and 1 light duty air cooled.

Power supply wite and plug are also new, very low useage on both.


Any info would be extremely helpful. I am contacting the seller to see if a local welder supply store maintained and repaired the unit.




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I think linde was bought by ESAB or went out of business but they were a good known brand and that certainly sounds like a great price for a 250 amp TIG welder with those accessories.

but ID verify that its a single phase and not a three phase welder, before you buy it

just the argon tank costs about $300 new, and a high amp water cooled torch costs over $300

I aquired a 330 amp MILLER tig built in the late 1980s and its still working fine, just because a welders older does not necessarily mean its not a good deal

it cost me almost $600 for the argon tank, and 50 ft of 3 conductor 2awg cord, 100 amp breakers etc. and wiring it up......thats after I got the welder

ID certainly ask your local welding repair service if they have or can get parts and if service/repair is still available




heres the newer version



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BTW, if your looking to buy a welder ID strongly advise taking a course on welding FIRST so you understand what your looking at and what to expect and so you have a good feel for what your looking to do and what equipment is necessary,then stop by a few large welding shops and ask the owner if hes ever considered upgrading his equipment?

most will jump at the chance to unload older equipment if given a reasonable offer, the TRICK is knowing EXACTLY what your looking at, having a good idea as to age and condition and value and getting a DEAL, Id generally avoid anything priced higher than 1/2-1/3 of current retail.






but be fair! include all the accessories in the bid!


look around your local area for the guy or guys that do welder repairs, they can very often get you a decent deal on a used welder or point you to someone whos looking to upgrade thier current equipment that you might be able to make a good deal for on thier older equipment.

just stick to name brands and ID STRONGLY ADVISE STICKING TO WELDERS that REQUIRE a 220volt single phase electrical feed











because having access to parts and service and manuals is MANDATORY

if you do buy equipment thats USED ask for a demonatration on BOTH the thin sheet metal like patching a fender and exhaust pipes and thicker 1/4-3/8" thick stuff


DON,t forget the welder requires a MATCHED electrical feed in your garage and it may require a tank of shield gas and may require accessories or longer cords, and consumables like wire for MIG units or sticks of filler rod for stick or tig welders, all those things add up fast!

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