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Anodizing an intercooler


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I hear of people painting their intercoolers black to hide them, well why shouldn't I get it anodized? I have a hook-up with an anodizer, so other than the cost differences, why would it not be a god idea??


the reason i ask is cause im worried about the affects of heat transfer through the paint would be...not sure if these worries are valid or not...


any input appreciated!




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My thoughts exactly.


You probably won't notice a cooling difference, but it's like the idea of having a light inside your computer case. It'll generate some amount of heat, which is enough to offset the 'cool' look in my eyes.


I say go for it though, the fact that we don't get IC's to begin with makes the heat argument a little silly. Your car. Find a sexy color and go to town.

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Actually, testing on cases milspec anodized black recorded slightly better emissivity than bare aluminum. Milspec black or dark grey will help with corrosion prevention as well. many anodizers will not do cast because of customer complaints about 'splotchy' appearance...but the emissivity increase and corrosion prevention is worth it.

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Interesting info on the emissivity test. Was the test done on emissivity alone or did the entire heat flow increase overall? With a radiator, I believe a bigger portion of heat is conducted away thru contact with air. If you put your hand near the radiator you will feel the heat but if you touch the radiator it'll be very hot. If the anodize coating promote heat radiation without hurting any contact transfer I'd say go for it.

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