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Who Wants FREE rusty 280zxt?


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which car is this and where is it?


it is what i am told a 1982 and i have for sure it is a 280 zxt saw the l28 turbo motor my self and its in lincoln california they guy just wants someone to weld up some stuff on one of his trailers to make it into a car hauler and then the z is thiers it has sat there for about 6 years and the guy says it use to run then it broke then he parked it the interior is no good but the the rest looks ok the only visable damage to it is the left hand fender but he has another one that comes with it the car is free and will need to be towed home it is AUTOMATIC and STOCK nothing too exciting about it besides that it is pretty much free. he has the mig welder there for you to use he just doesnt know how to weld so you do the welding and he gives you the car he has tons of stuff he will trade for the welding but the z is what i talked to him about he has sbc's tranny even a few pickups heck he has a motor home he would trade for the welding to be done just let me know quickly about the car cause hes about to put it in the penny saver and craigs list

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