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My hybrid z unleashed

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Well I finally have most of the bugs worked out on my z and I took some photos of it at the z car show in albany last Saturday. For those of you who don't know my car it's a 88 300zx turbo that has been modified a wee bit. the block is a vg33 originally out of a pathfinder, Bored .040 over to make it a 3.4 liter, Forged wiseco pistons(9.5 to 1), Haltech EK6 standalone, T3-T4 60 trim turbo, Jim wolf S2 racing cams(.473 lift, 266 dur.) and valve springs, valve job, porting, forged rods, balanced and blueprinted, 580 cc injectors, tt fuel pump, adj. fuel pressure regulator, Engloid gutted plenum, spearco intercooler, Vacuum actuated cutout before the cat, 350z rims, spec clutch, bigger sway bars, poly bushings, tokico 5 way adj. shocks and springs, tt tranny. I just had the intercooler piping redone by street tuned and it flows nice. Here are some pics

Old piping


New piping




I need to get it tuned and she will surprise some folks.

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Well a lot has changed on this car. It made 365 whp 390 ft/lbs at 15 psi. Ran a 12.5 at 117mph. A ring collapsed and I had to redo the motor so I picked up some 93 mm 8.5 to 1 comp. BRC forged pistons, and a set of scat forged rods. The block is at the machine shop getting put back together. I have a set of MLS head gaskets going on. I have upgraded to a t67 turbo, 1000 cc injectors, custom plenum and exhaust manifolds, and external waste gate. The car has a monster cage in it with 260z seats. I picked up a mueller twin disc and a custom catch can from redi imports. Here are some pics of the progress. I hope to make over 700 whp and run 9's.




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Yeah I am working on a bunch of things these days. Trying to set up a dyno shop in Philly but I might end up back in Rochester with jimi, you never know. This z is going to be insane. I took the efi 101 and advanced so I know how to tune now. This turbo should make well over 700 whp and I plan on upgrading it mid summer. I have two other z's one an 50th AE with 47,000 miles that I am restoring to sell. I should be up to Rochester a bunch this year. Let me know when you are going to instruct driving events this year and I will make one of them.

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