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ZXT runs awhile then dies??

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I just bought a 83 280zx turbo (auto tranny) a couple of days ago and this is what happened.


I had to bring a battery, because the one the PO had was dead. I put the battery in, it started fine, idled a little rough not bad but it was fine to drive I thought. So I'm on my way home I make 2 stops, each time turning the car off and back on and it started fine.


I get close to my house and boom the car dies. I put it in park, try to start and it takes awhile but I get it up and running again and now it dies everytime I stop or the rpms get to low.


If someone could help me with this, or at least point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

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Today afterwork I checked a few things (spark plugs, fuel pump, injectors, alternator belt, fluid levels) and started her up again. Idled fine for about 5 min. took it for a spin around the surrounding area for about ten mins. or so, everything ran fine, hell almost as good as my 2003 lancer.


Got back home, once again idled fine until I turned it off. But as it was idleing I opened the hood to see a little white smoke coming from the spot where the intake bolts up to the engine. What is causing this?

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