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  1. WTB 280zxt distributor and oil pump shaft. I am looking for the electric disk encoder version of the dizzy and matching oil pump shaft. Thanks.
  2. Do you happen to have an L28et distributor and oil pump shaft?
  3. Yeah, I'm still looking. You can either E-Mail me or I'll send you my #. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks Jon, I know I can trust anybody you recommend.
  4. Looking for either a professional shop or somebody really good at tuning a TECII system. I would prefer somebody around the Seattle/Ballard area. If anybody can point me in a good direction, I would really appreciate it. Or if you yourself have experience with the system I would consider it. Car currently runs decent but I am not at the location to continue tuning, the car is at a friends house. He has a nice shop and does a lot of custom 300ZX work. Here's the specs. Was put on hold for a while Electromotive TEC II w/wintecII T3/T04E Turbonetics Delgate HKS bypass 485CC Injectors. Massive FMIC 2.5" IC pipes 3" Mandrel bent exhaust Stock Turbo Block w/P90 New Fuel Sys. Kinsler Pump 8AN lines. 240SX TB Everything port matched.
  5. You should really learn to test components not just replace them, hoping it solves your problem. It will save you a lot of money and frustration. Give us as much info as possible on the exact conditions and it will be easier to help.
  6. It looks like you're welding in pieces over rusted metal. I would highly recommend against it, waste of your time. Do it properly the first time around. Good luck with the project.
  7. It's definitely got a turbo intake on it.
  8. I know what your doing, They're all mine.
  9. I would get an L28 block. Shouldn't set you back much but the additional displacement will be well worth it. They should be pretty abundant in Florida.
  10. Water in the distributor cap as others have said, but if it's hitting a wall at ~2000, I bet you have water in the TPS. Remove the cover, dry and clean the contacts.
  11. Looks good. Have fun with it. Just an FYI, If want to put real paint on it your going to have to sand all the rattle can primer off.
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