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Good Twin Turbo Manifold Design?

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When you're going for reacceleration though, twins>single. That's the application I'm looking for. Not top end, not big power, just a very wide, very usable, very fast power band.


Also, my concern with the manifold design wasn't the whole equal length issue. When I'm not a Nissan guy, I'm a Subaru guy. I hate equal length designs. Since it's a carb setup that isn't regulated by any electronics, I'd wonder if any boost surge would occur because of the different lengths. I'm completely new to the basics of carbs, and even moreso to their advanced setups. We can argue single vs twins in another thread if you like, I'd just like answers related to the topic at hand here.


With that said, the only other twin turbo manifold I've ever seen was one made by Greddy some time before I was even concieved. A custom setup would most likely be the only answer in this case, but, I am a noob at welding as well. All I've been able to do thusfar was stitchweld by chassis using a fairly basic 1/10 mig I found on craigslist.


Does anyone have any pics of successful twin turbo manifolds?

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I think a lot of people confuse sequential twin turbo's.. or just a set of parallel twins.



Everyone i've talked to talks about how quickly the twins spool up and provide full boost over a single turbo..


then we have the long talk about sequential setups lol


Now a *true* sequential turbo setup does have it's advantage...


BUT thats not 100% feasible and more costly for building it yourself.

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