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Shaved rear idea

Beau M

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I like where this is going. It will look great with the bottom finished somehow.


That prius lip is actually pretty cool. Hopefully you can score one from a front end wrecked car or something. As long as its wider than the Z, you can cut it in the middle and narrow it or cut it on both sides (might look like its supposed to be that way)


If its too narrow, I can imagine how you would make it work.


I'm pretty sure I'm still going smoothed out, but your thread inspires ideas. Good stuff.

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I just went to three wrecking yards looking at rear lips. You can pretty much forget about American cars, they seem to either have metal bumpers or one piece plastic. The japanese cars were the same, they tend to have painted on faux lips. If I am going to find one, a german car seems to be the way to go. There was one on a 98 Mercedes C class that seemed to have the right shape, exhaust on the correct side, but it was busted up pretty bad. So, the search continues. I did score some hatch supports though.

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My son and I just found 4 Datsun Pickups within 5 minutes of our house with the "Datsun" tailgate at an abandoned house with tons of vehicles sitting in field. Just have to go to the county and find owner of property. Maybe we will be the owners of 4 tailgates soon. If we are, we will post a few for sale. "Datsun" cut out to save weight on shipping. More to come.


Also have the leads on 3 more Z's within 30 minutes of me and 100 yards from each other. WOW, eastern New Mexico is a breading ground for hidden Z's

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