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I have a 1983 280zx Turbo. The turbo went bad about 6 years ago and had to remove it. Unfortunately I never replaced it so I have been driving the car without the turbo ever since. I connected the Intake Tube straight to the J-Pipe in order to make the car function. Because of that my idle is a bit off, but works fine. Until a few days ago when I removed the J-Pipe and Intake Tube to shortened the amount of time it takes for the Intake Manifold to receive air in which worked a bit better. The only issue I had is getting the Air Flow Meter to fit with the Air Filter portion. So I assembled back to how it was and now the car starts but turns off within a few seconds. Any idea of what might have happen? How can I convert it to non-turbo? I currently have an extra non-turbo manifold so I may need a few parts. Thank for your help and support.

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