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First start in 2 years

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Ok so I've replaced the fuel tank, fuel hoses, fuel filter and pump in my 71 240z. I put about a gallon of mid grade gas in it and try to start. It'll fire away for a second or two on starter fluid, but the clear fuel filter doesn't seem to be getting any fuel. I tested the pump outside of the car and it squirted fuel across the garage floor. It is pointed in the right direction. The filter is on the right direction. The hard lines are unobstructed (blew compressed air through them). Pulled the choke out halfway.


I'm thinking only one gallon might not be enough for the tank to pick up? Any ideas?

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Im going to assume your still running the SU's since its a 71.



If your lines are clear and its not getting to the filter my first guess would be the mechanical pump (also going to have to assume you still have it since you didn't specify) pull the filter cap off and fill it with fuel, put it back on, hook up the lines and see if the mechanical pump will suck it out. You said you tested the pump but by saying its pointed in the right direction Im assuming its an electric to push fuel up to the mechanical (my 73 had one from the factory) since a mechanical only goes on one way.


Do you have fuel in your float bowls? If not, I would pull the tops off and pour some in there to sort of "prime" it. Few more gallons in the tank woulnt hurt either.

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^^Will do.


I took off the float bowl covers and found them bone dry. After comparing the two float adjustments, they were way off of each other, I adjusted the one that wasn't fully actuating the valve to match the other. Both were dry though :(. Sprayed carb cleaner into the float valve, let it sit. Tried to blow from the input line through the valve but no air is getting through, whether the valve is in or out. This valve was also stuck open at first, but it eventually pushed down with a screwdriver.


So at least I've narrowed down the problem, but I don't know why the valve's wouldn't let fuel through. They both move up and down now.


Gah I wish I had a laptop to reference in the garage!!

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