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POR-15 Sterling Silver

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I got my engine and tranny pulled yesterday (FINALLY!) and want to start immediatly on the engine bay. I've decided to por-15 the bay but want to topcoat it with their Sterling Silver top coat. The exterior of the car is a dark grey and I just want to be sure the combination looks good together. http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk246/TABrinn/img025.jpg Has anyone here used the POR-15 Sterling Silver? Got pics?

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I'm pretty close to just doing it in the POR-15 with their Chassis Black top coat. It'd be sooo purdy with a matching silver engine bay though! I've already chromed my valve cover and and a few other chromed/ pollished dress up bits are on the way. I want to be a show worthy engine bay even though I fully intend to drive the wheels off it!:flamedevi


Here's a pic of one I like but can't verify if its done with POR15 or a regular paint top coat. 45798026.jpg

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