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How to Buy and Sell Used Parts

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  • Don't assume ANYTHING! Always ask questions via the thread for sale or via PM
  • If you see a part that you think is good via pictures ONLY you may be in for a surprise once you get it, again ask questions
  • One of my favorite questions is, why are you selling it? If they don't answer or the answer seems fishy walk away
  • It's okay for seller to sell a part just to make money. We sort of live in a Capitalist society
  • Always ask if you can return the item (Warranty). Of course minus shipping. (I've come to the conclusion that I can't most of the time.)
  • Never Assume any electronics will work when you get them. One sellers yes it works, may be a buyers worst nightmare only to cause additional headaches down the road
  • Not always, but newer members who are selling add additional risks. For that matter even older members have a risk (Just like ebay, post count has it's merit.)
  • If your nervous about your shipment being lost, ask for insurance! You should pay for this
  • If your shipment is lost, be patient with the seller in getting your money back if the shipment was lost by the shipping company. It takes at least 30 days to get the money back from the shipping company
  • Just because it's NEW it still may be broken!
  • I always ask myself, a few questions:

- Can the part I'm buying be purchased new elsewhere?

- Am I willing to take a chance on a used part?

  • Don't let your purchased be ruled by emotion!
  • If a seller says, "I don't know if it works.", assume your getting a paper weight!
  • You have a choice! If you've made a choice and it turns out bad, it's your choice. LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENCE!


  • Full disclosure should be the norm. Be HONEST!
  • If you lie, remember Karma is a bitch!
  • Communication is PARAMOUNT! If your out of town, in the hospital, just gave birth, let your buyer know. Most of us are human, we understand if we are communicated with
  • Get in the habit of purchasing insurance for anything over $100. Your buyer will thank you if something goes wrong. Remember as a seller you still get your money back.
  • Please disclose when you think the item will ship.
  • Send a tracking # when applicable
  • As a seller, I almost always try to include my phone #. My thought with this is if I can get in contact with a seller, I'm more apt to believe you have integrity to speak with me on the phone if something goes wrong or you have any questions
  • Sometimes your dealing with KIDS on forums. Get used to it and try and be patient
  • PayPal can be your best friend or worst enemy. Unconfirmed PayPal addresses always get "Signature Requested" shipping. (I try and let the buyer know this.)
  • Again, be HONEST!


I'm sure there is something I forgot. Feel free to add where necessary.


Have a great day!

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Buyers need to know that, unless you buy a part through E-Bay, PayPal mediation and fund recovery services WILL NOT APPLY. I found this out the hard way when a punk named Sirk ripped me off here and PayPal refused to help.if you do buy through PayPal, make sure that you pay with your credit card, not with your bank funds or with an existing PayPal balance. Then you can go through your credit card company instead of PayPal to get your money back.

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