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First attempt at rear quarter.


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Well, got the quarter fitted and the wheel well stretched. Now just need to start tacking everything together.


Any advice before i start welding????


Also is a non gas mig ok for putting this together.


I know it will be messy just concerned on whether or not it will work.


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Don't weld continuously. Do an inch, then move to another area of the panel. The goal is to not overheat the panel and warp it. Your going to need to do alot more cleanup if your using a wire feed system. If there is enough edge to work with you may even be better off "glueing" it on with panelbond. Hell, lotus uses it!


Good luck with the project dude.

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The project is looking good! I would reccomend using a gas welder as it provides a shielding gas necesary in the welding process to keep contaminants out of the welds which could affect the welds strength. You could use a flux core welder which provides some shielding but not as good as an argon shield gas. A good test is to try your welder on one spot weld then inspect it for any bubbles in the weld indicators of contamination. A good weld should lay flat and be smooth with no imperfections. This is assuming you prepared the welding area by grinding away any paint and use a good quality weld thru primer (3m makes one). The weld thru primer may cause some popping sounds while welding but this should not affect the welds. Also skip your welding around on the panel allowing time between welds for the metal to cool.This is to help eliminate warping from generating too much heat in one area. As for panel bond adhesive this would be usefull in the wheel well area but I would reccomend welding the sail panel area by the window and the rocker area at the bottom front of the panel.I would also sleeve these areas by making a 2" wide strip that mimics the panel being replaced having 1" under each side of the weld. Hope this helps you out if you need further assistance just ask.


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we actually had an issue with panelbond a while back. One of the bodymen didnt mud over the area where he had bonded it. When we got done painting and the threw the booth into bake, the panelbond actually bled through the primer and paint. It buffed out, but six months later when guy had wrecked it agian, we saw that the spot came back. Just remember, if you use panelbond, to put some mud over it, or make sure you have alot of primer over it. That might have been our problem, not enough surfacer over the spot.

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