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  1. V8ZRACER260Z

    Aluminum dash project

    Why not trim down the Genesis panel to taking out the bottom row of switches to shorten the height and triming of the thrid guage on the right to narrow the width. I think this would save you from drilling all the holes and make it small enought to fit the Z. A few simple rods to hold it in place.
  2. V8ZRACER260Z

    DNI for 2010?

    How about scheduling an alternate event if it rains like a get together at a local hotel in Fort Valley or schedule it at a time of the year when rain isn't as much of a threat. I myself would be interested in doing it again rain or shine. I wouldn't let one bad rain date cancel a good annual event.
  3. V8ZRACER260Z

    DNI for 2010?

    Just wondering if there is an event this year?
  4. V8ZRACER260Z

    New car in the stable

    Oh yeah she is a keeper! And the best part is she loves the car as much as I do.
  5. V8ZRACER260Z

    New car in the stable

    Got to run it out today and whew! The car might have more in it than me. I would love to take it to a track to stretch it's legs a bit more. Loving it more each day. Oh yeah I have an awesome wife too!
  6. V8ZRACER260Z

    New car in the stable

    One of the best stock Z's I've driven. It's smooth and docile till you put the right foot down and then it starts pulling very linear. I opted for the Automatic with the paddle shifters as I have a stick shift in the 260Z. As for handling WOW! It sticks like glue with the traction control on, it is even very controled in the rain. Turn it off and plenty of throttle oversteer. I'll give props to Nissan for listening to the 350Z shortfalls and correcting them. So in short great car!
  7. V8ZRACER260Z

    New car in the stable

    Well guys I finally have a Z to drive everyday! It's a 2009 370Z magnetic black touring model. My wife got it for me as an early 10th Anniversary gift and she could not have picked a better one. Great car and can't wait for some dry weather to go out and enjoy it.
  8. V8ZRACER260Z

    Wired harness all over the place

    I did the same thing on purpose. Go get the aviation style clamps metal with a rubber insert aka pipe clamp in the size you need approx 7/8" or so. I drilled and tapped the frame rail as it was thicker and better for holding threads. I then used stainless button head allen fastenters to attach the clamps. An alternitive meathod if you don't have a tap is to drill thru the apron and use a bolt and nut to hold the clamp. Either will look good and not very expensive. Type of clamps needed type of fastners used Both should be availible locally at your fastner store for less than $20.00 Hope this helps and best of all it will look alot better
  9. V8ZRACER260Z

    Steering universal joints

    I would not try to rebuild them. I would try to locate a good used steering shaft to replace it with.
  10. V8ZRACER260Z

    Help Plan My Chassis Work

    Well you have a few questions to be answered. As for the roll bar and street use the most important thaing is that you head (helmetless) can't come in contact with the roll bar while seatbelted. Adjust you seat and always pad any area close to your head as an added saftey precaution. If needed redo your roll bar to prevent contact. The tool box area can be reinforced by adding a bar across behind the seats or getting a donor tool box section from a car beyond repair and restoring the original tool box. As for the frame rails the stock rails do not need to be reinforced with a SBC of streetable HP. As long as they are solid they will do fine and with the bad dog subframe should be more than substantial for street use. On the last question poly bushings are much more street friendly. Heim joints will transmit alot of road feel and noise thru the chassis mre than you would want for frequent use. The resonse if any you would gain by using them would be minimal for a street car. Heim joint are primarily degigned for track only cars where noise and vibration ar part of the game and the need for presise adjustments paramount to consistant lap times. On the track the few tenths you pick up from them are big but on the street its anoying at best. Hope this helps if you have any other questions just ask. Rick
  11. V8ZRACER260Z

    Billet Turn Signal Knob from ZTek Mfg!

    I'll take a black one
  12. V8ZRACER260Z

    Why a proper roll cage is important...

    Judging front the yellow and blue driving suit I'd say that is the driver in the second photo.
  13. V8ZRACER260Z

    Billet Ashtray Cover Knob from Z Tek Mfg

    If you still have the last brushed one I'm in Pm sent
  14. V8ZRACER260Z

    DNI 2009 - 30 Days and counting

    Semper Fi Wayne! As a fellow Marine it truly is not an option. That is one of the things I look forward to every year is the Ball! I just checked and ours is on the same day too. Looks like I'll have to pass this fall too. Post lots of pics guys! Rick