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needing info on the wire-n' for a KA24de

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Hello all,

I have a friend that is giving me his KA out of his 95 240sx an I was entertaining the idea of putting it into my 74 240Z..I have searched for about six hours now and I know about the clearance issue w/the pan. (either McKINNEY or a custom mount),the trans cross member(once again McKINNEY or custom), fuel is an upgrade to a better flowing pump(since the 74 260s had an eletric pump already) and i planned on leaving the motor stock for a while (so stock ecu) and in just a little confused on the actual wiring up of the KA to my S30....




Do any guys that have done this swap have any ideas/advice for me?

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Just to let you know, the 260Z fuel pump does not run all the time, nor does it prime the fuel line like a modern car. The electric pump kicks in once the engine hits a certain rpm, (800 iirc) as per the 260z FSM. basically, it only runs while the engine is already running to prevent vapor lock in the fuel lines... You will either have to wire the new pump to a switch, or wire it like the 240sx pump circuit.


hope this helps, sorry its a bit late...

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This should get you started:




there's another thread on ratsun but you're going to have to look for it. basically the same as the link provided above just maybe some more info.


good luck.




Diagram saved.

Good link!

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