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  1. Northstarninja

    what front airdam is this???

    Nice car I miss my Z, I had to sell it when I moved to PA years ago.
  2. Northstarninja

    SOLD - 1971 240Z Series 1 project, Western PA

    No worries, I'm just happy to see another Z enthusiast out here in Pittsburgh. I had to sell my 260z when I moved to PA 4 years ago
  3. Northstarninja

    SOLD - 1971 240Z Series 1 project, Western PA

    you still have this car?
  4. Northstarninja

    SR20DET swap vs. L28ET swap

    That's interesting, and good to know- I always figured that the 6th gear would be more of a longer gear. Mostly since my ka is screaming at 3500rpm at an 80 mph cruise. Newer cars seem in general seem to be much lower in rpm at higher speeds, I'm assuming for fuel economy. IIRC the sr trans gear ratios are closer than the ka's so why they crammed another gear in there is beyond me... 6speeds will usually be weaker than a 5 speed in the same space- but I didn't know guys were blowing up s15 gearboxes on stock cars...
  5. Northstarninja

    which engine for the track

    Too bad you don't like RB's. If I had a 20k budget I'd look into a RB30det. RIPS has a sick rb30 powered s30 in New Zealand. Other than that, a KA24de will not hold the power you're looking for without a forged bottom end. The pistons in ka's don't like boost... A SR20det block can hold about 400-450rwhp before it should be sleeved for reliability. If you're gonna do a rotary, why not do a 4 rotor? Idk about prices in regards to rotory motors though... From what I've read you bolt the 4 housings together, but need a 4 rotor chankshaft... though with the custom parts it may be over budget. When you say "track" is it a circuit track, or a dragstrip? The application obviously makes a difference
  6. Northstarninja

    Baby LS motor

    I would have to disagree, partially. Dohc engines (at least 4 cyls and I6) generally last longer than push rod engines. I've seen honda and nissan motors with well over 200k. Pushrod v8's are still chain driven, and (obviously) have a pushrod that actuates a rocker- more parts to fail. A OHC or DOHC motor that has the cam act directly on the cam bucket would have less parts. Chains in street cars rarely break, so having two of them isn't really much of an issue... That said I do see the merit of the push rod v8. In fact the ls motors are pretty sweet IMO- they get very good gas mileage for their displacement, and are constantly being refined.
  7. Northstarninja

    SR20DET swap vs. L28ET swap

    Wow, I just read through this thread, and even though its old, I'll add my $02- the l28et will be cheaper... at first. I imagine the sr gets way better fuel economy and management as the engine is newer. The SR also has great aftermarket support, which is pretty cheap. The SR is lighter. And the pistons and rods are pretty decent from the factory. My favorite thing about an SR swap is that you can get a S15 6speed. As far as an sr not having enough power to move a ZX I call BS on that one. IIRC a 280zx weighs about 2800 lbs- which is close to both the s13 hatch (180sx in japan) and s14.
  8. Northstarninja

    new to v8s

    once again, domestics putt through for the budget build... Viper, as in dodge viper? I didnt know they used t56 transmissions... unless the t56 is build by a 3rd party...
  9. Northstarninja

    new to v8s

    yeah. Reliable= win. cheap performance parts= win. lots of power/tq= win. I guess its a win/win/win situation, lol. My cousin told me its not hard to go 10's with a f bodyw ls1. I told him if the standard is .1 second faster for every 100lbs lost, then the 1000 lb less Z should run 9's. LOL... I guess the hard part is getting it to hook... On a separate note, it seems that the f body t56's aren't all that great, that the GTO Ls1 t56 is stronger for whatever reason? why is that? I'm still debating whether to run a 6 speed or auto... itd be nice to cruise around at highway speeds without the engine screaming...
  10. Northstarninja

    new to v8s

    thanks Brrap! I was wondering because my Cuz said the ls2's had drive by wire throttle, which reminded me of the newer Z's, which are Can/Bus. @ Sunny, I'd be doing the work myself... maybe I'll just do a compression test to see if the bottom end is good. If its not, I'll try to score a ls1 shortblock out of a late f-body or gto. Ls1tech.com seems t have alot of parts for sale/trade. What seems weird to me is that domestic performance parts seem a lot cheaper, (inexpensive) than import aftermarket. +1 for domestics!
  11. Northstarninja

    new to v8s

    he said he might sell his Goat and get a later Ls2 powered GTO... any one know if the Ls2 is a can/bus setup?
  12. Northstarninja

    new to v8s

    high mileage motor, probably needs a rebuild... if its its a go, free lsx. needs accessories ecu harness trans etc... its a 6.0L truck motor, lol... iron block, but i wont mind the extra 70 lbs in a car as light as a s30...
  13. Northstarninja

    new to v8s

    update, my cousin just texted me, he may have a free lsx for me...
  14. Northstarninja

    new to v8s

    I recently drove my cousins LS1 GTO and was rather impressed with the motor. Nice tq and linear power. The car was nice an all, but seemed a bit on the heavy side. I've ridden in his 99 LS6 powered Ws6 before as well, and really liked that car. Basically, I'm here to learn about LS1, and LS2 as options for a motor swap. Price, performance and strength/ reliability for upgrades. I'm currently trying to figure out if the LS2 is worth the money over a LS1... To be honest, either motor is over kill for the car its going in, but overkill= good IMO. I'm looking at LSx options for a 74' 260Z. Immediate goals would be sourcing/installing Lsx, and getting it to 350-400whp.
  15. Northstarninja

    Reversed Hood Hinges

    I wonder if itd work better if the hood traveled maybe 2mm forward before swinging up... Don't mind my crappy diagram, I'm not much of an artist... hood hinge.bmp