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need help on some drag wheel setup plzzzz help

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Without fender flairs, its hard to squeeze much tire under our cars. If you go with a fender flair, the options get a lot better. It all depends on how much power the car is putting out, and how much tire you really need. In a stock wheel well, I ran the M&H muscle car tires on a set of 6 spoke factory wheels. They were 235 60 14's. I ran 11.70's in the 1/4 with them. I liked the 14 inch wheel because with the factory wheel wells, I wanted as much sidewall as I could get, and 15 inch wheels didn't help in that aspect. They run well on the highway as a street tire, but they will wrinkle on a good hard launch. No clue what kind of life you'll get out of them, but mileage was never a concern for me. If they interest you, Email me. Here's a link to the m and h site for the particular tire I ran




I'm parting out my current drag/street car since I bought a new one and would make you a hell of a deal on a set of wheels and the 2 M&H's I have, and they have plenty of life left in them.

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