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Ok, well while I was working on my headlights not working issue, I decided to try changing the lights, maybe they burned out. Noticed that the head lamp bucket (the metal bowl assembly that holds the lights on the sugar scoop portion, were very rusted and the screws had seized onto it etc.

I figure well, while I'm at it, I'll just go and replace what I've found wrong....

Haven't found anything at all.

I searched here and google and I keep getting the sugar scoop assembly.

So then I figured, well it is a 7 inch headlight, so other vehicles that used 7 inch headlamps must have the same or similar set up. But then that searched kept pulling up motorcycle bowls/assemblies

What have you guys found, fabricated or used to replace the metal bowls that hold the headlights?

I imagine that all s30's have the same headlight bowl? I have a 72' if that helps with anything

Thanks in advance

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For those that aren't sure what I'm referring to it is here


if you scroll down its the 4th one down called headlamp buckets.

But what I'm interested in is the metal bowl. The ring is easy to get, but its that blasted bowl.

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