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POR-15 Fuel Tank Repair question

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1 hour ago, Mayolives said:

I'm not sure what your question ("situation") is.   I have used the POR 15 fuel tank cleaning system 2 times and it worked great.  If you followed the instructions and made sure the pick up plumbing was free and open, all should be well.  What exactly are you having a problem with?  

Well, the pick up plumbing is the problem.  I suspect I have a partial blockage at the end of the pick up tube due to the sealer.  I can still blow air through it, but I think it should flow a bit better.  Of course there is no access to it.  I was able to sneak a peak by snaking an inspection camera in there and I saw a glob of sealer on the end of the pick up tube.  Essentially it's the same problem the original poster had.  Perhaps all is well and I'm being paranoid.

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