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POR-15 Fuel Tank Repair question

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I performed the POR-15 Fuel Tank Repair and now I'm having an issue... I went to try and start the car and found that no fuel was getting to the rails. I checked the fuel pump, seized. Took it apart, cleaned and tested it. That works fine now. Hooked everything back up, hit start with the starter disconnected, heard the fuel pump working and still no fuel. I pulled the supply line off and, after cleaning it up a bit, tried to blow through it. I can not blow even a bit through it.


I guess my question is: Can the sealer in the POR-15 kit seal the fuel pickup? If it has done that, is the tank worthless now or is there a way to fix it?


Thanks :(

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I just got off the phone with POR and we came up with a possible solution. They sell a POR stripping solvent that will dissolve the hardened sealer. The idea is to take the tank back off, empty it and pour a tablespoon or two down the pickup line. I'll have to monitor when it frees up and immediately pour water into the tank to neutralize the solvent so it doesn't damage the rest of the sealer in the tank.


Wish me luck and I'll let you all know how it turns out...

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Well, the POR Strip is pretty strong. It pulled all the paint surrounding the line within a couple of seconds. It has loosened up a very small bit inside of there so that the fluid drains but really slowly. Blowing through it is like trying to blow through a pinhole. I assume that it should blow through freely, does anyone have any experience with blowing through the fuel pickup?

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Just in case anyone cares or comes across this problem themselves, this is where I'm at. I couldn't get the pickup to flow anywhere near enough, so I figured the tank was basically scrap metal and got to cuttin'. Looking at the diagram and visually inspecting the pickup tube, it appeard to go in a bit then hook a slight right. So, I busted out my cutoff wheel and cut me a hole.

This ended up almost directly above the pickup, but I did end up cutting through one of the breather lines... Hopefully that wont be an issue. I soaked some paper towels in the stripper and shoved them alongside the pickup. After a few applications I was able to peel a layer of sealer off of the entire pickup. Nice. I cleaned up the tank and cut a piece of scrap metal (from the old spare tire well) to fit over the hole and proceeded to JB weld that on.

Another side note: In the FSM, it says that if you drain the tank completely you will have to top it off in order to prime the pump. That is absolutely true. 5 trips to the gas station with two 2 gallon gas cans (just over 17 gallons), everything seems like it works.

post-12144-046438600 1292270324_thumb.jpg

post-12144-008627800 1292270353_thumb.jpg

post-12144-081045600 1292270371_thumb.jpg

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I am so glad i don't have to go thru all this. I dropped my tank on my 76, There was no rust inside at all. The outside had some light surface rust, i just got it back today from the sandblaster. Time to por-15 the outside,then hang it back up. I was not aware you had to fill it to prime the pick-up tube,thanks for the info.

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I'm not sure what your question ("situation") is.   I have used the POR 15 fuel tank cleaning system 2 times and it worked great.  If you followed the instructions and made sure the pick up plumbing was free and open, all should be well.  What exactly are you having a problem with?  

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