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Need help. Still having slop in diff/axles

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As for the control arm bolt/tapping issue (the red arrow in post #23), I just talked with Dave @ Arizona Z Car after emailing him a pic and he said that it is supposed to be the way that mine is, other than that mine should have no grease whatsoever. So I'll be taking that out, cleaning them up, and putting it back together while I'm in there. It's not the source of my issue, but I need to get that corrected.

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There is an engineering rule of thumb about how far to extend the rod end out that says you should have 1.5x the diameter of the shaft in the threads. That means you can move the rod ends out 5/16" IIRC. You can measure it up and figure it out yourself. Since you have rod ends on both sides, that should mean that you can make the arms 5/8" longer without violating that principle.

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